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Rules of the game

Each week there will be questions put on the internet for you to answer. Send the answers to us by E-mail to beat the weekly deadline of 12.00 p.m on Friday. For each correct answer, you will get a point, and at the end of 6 weeks, the school with the most points wins a class trip to @Bristol.

How to use the internet to find the answers

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find what you need on the web, because it contains so much information. To help you find what you are looking for, you can use a 'search engine'. These are websites that contain lists of other websites on the web. They can't possibly make a list of all the millions of sites on the web, so if you don't find what you are looking for on one, try another.

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How to use a search engine

First, type in the web address of the seach engine into your browser. Some good ones are Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista and Ask Jeeves. Then type what you are looking for into the box at the top of the page, and click on 'search' (or press <enter>.) The words you type in are very important so choose them carefully. A list of websites to do with what you typed in appear, along with a description. Just click on one to go there. If you don't find what you are looking for, try chaging the words you type in, or use another search engine.

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Details of the multimedia task

Your task is to create a cartoon strip, using digital cameras and the computers. It has to be based around a learning activitiy within your school, eg. a games lesson, a science experiment or an IT lesson. You can use Word or Powerpoint on the computers to add speech bubbles, thought bubbles and words to your pictures. If you want help with your cartoon, contact us and we will arrange support. When you have finished your cartoon after the six weeks, send it to us on a floppy disk, a zip disk, or by E-mail. You can also send it to us as a hard copy that we will scan in.

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How to set up an E-mail address and send your answers to us

You need an E-mail address so that you can send your answers to us. You may already have an E-mail address (ask your teacher), but if you don't you can get one from Hotmail.com. This will give you a place on the internet that people can send E-mails to, and you can get them by logging on to the site and downloading them. You can also use it to send your own E-mails to other people, and your answers to us.

To set up your E-mail address, go to Hotmail.com, and click on 'sign up now!' at the top of the page. Enter your personal information into the 'Profile Information' and scroll down. In the 'sign-up name' box, enter the email address you want ([email protected]). This will be you email address and your login name. Then type the password you want to use in the 'password' box, then type it again in the 're-type password' box. In the 'secret question' box, type in a question that will be asked if you forget your password (eg. the name of my cat, the number of my house etc.) and then underneath, type the answer. Then click sign up, and you are done. To send your answers to us, click 'new message', type in our E-mail address into the E-mail address box, and then the question and your answer into the main area. Click 'send'.

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